One Day Everything will be fairly traded

We are a global campaign group focused on achieving fair-trade for every commercial, industrial or agricultural activity on the planet.

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The Fairtrade Everything Group

One day everything will be fair-traded. The Fairtrade Everything Group is focused on bringing that day closer.

We also provide consultancy services for all businesses and commercial operations around the world – providing advice and knowledge on sourcing products and services that are being fairly traded.

Finally, for the public we operate a repository of resources so that any individual can adopt the Fairtrade Everything principles and learn about the ethical values and benefits of a fairer world.

A Fair Deal

Founded back in 2004, The Fairtrade Everything Group has been working tirelessly to bring about a better world. Our founder, Josef Mlaka, was certainly not the first person to ask questions about the global trade in products and services – but, with the formation of the Fairtrade Everything Charity, there was the first time a voice working for a direct solution. A Fair Price for a Fair Deal.

We are organised into three teams but we have a Group Co-ordination Committee that sets out the strategies for the coming years. Everyone is invited to engage in any way they see best; with our campaigns or our charitable work; with the consultancy that we offer; with finding a role in our resource library and administrative work; or by contacting FEG HQ directly.

What we do



Campaigning for a Fair Trade Deal for everyone, everywhere, all the time.


For any product or service, we will find you a Fair Trade Deal or the best equivalent.


With the world’s leading repository of Fair Trade resources, we can teach and train you.

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