Jet Orange Project

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Jet Orange project is based in Western Sahara and Morocco. Incorporating Fairtrade-Everything principles into an established citrus fruits market in West Africa, Jet Orange has contributed to the improvement in the working lives of thousands of people who are employed on the farms along the desert coastal region.

Fairtrade Training

Fairtrade Training Website Design

Our longest running training program is based in London, UK. Over 5,000 individuals and companies have completed the program and been awarded our Fairtrade-Everything Enabler Certificate.

iCompany Training

iCompany Project Website Design

One of our top-subscribed training programs now celebrates its fifth year of operation. Based in Austin, USA, the iCompany is a non-profit that we have helped set up and mentor. Simply the iCompany training program offers a very quick pathway for any business owner to establish how best to convert to Fairtrade.